Trampoline Coach – Monday 5-9pm

Perdiswell Leisure centre

Qualifications required: British gymnastics Trampoline coach level 2 or higher

Job purpose: To provide safe and enjoyable trampoline training


¨      Develop interesting and varied coaching programmes to maximise customer satisfaction

¨      Provide a friendly, unthreatening environment in which participants can enjoy the learning experience

¨      Plan Schemes of work and lesson plans for each course and session to ensure continuity, cohesion and progression

¨      Keep accurate records of sessions and candidate progress

¨      Adhere to British gymnastics safety guidelines to ensure injury free sessions

¨      Make sure equipment is set up safely and in accordance with best practice guidelines

¨      Liaise with and support the children’s activities manager in order to ensure delivery of good trampoline coaching

¨      Act in accordance with Health and safety guidelines, Normal and emergency operational procedures according to the needs of the centre

¨      Carry out other unspecified tasks commensurate with capability, experience and job Title


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