Susannah Barnett To Take On The ‘Scullers Head’

Susannah Barnett on target for a Rowing First In the UK!


Worcester’s Blind rower Susannah Barnett will this weekend take on the “Scullers Head”. The biggest challenge in the rowing world to row the same four and a quarter mile course that is used in the Oxford Cambridge boat race. But for her as for all the entrants, tackling it in a small single person boat amidst the choppy conditions of the Tidal Thames makes it especially difficult. Let alone when you are blind amongst a field of five hundred and fifty competitors.

Her bid to be the first ever blind person to compete in the event started off with challenges right from the word go.

Initially putting a plea through the Worcester News into the local community for funding for a boat to do the race in, local charity the Bransford Trust kindly donated £1500 towards the project.

This was further supported by local businesses Peach Recruitment and Premier Places who added another £500 to funding the boat.  Then there was the task of getting event organisers to accept the entry.

For the first time in the events 61 year history they have allowed rowers with disabilities in, though all did not start well when her entry as a blind rower was rejected on safety grounds.

Fighting hard herself, aided by support from Worcester Rowing club and also the sports governing body British Rowing, the Port of London Authority and events organisers capitulated to allow her entry into the event to join the two other disability athletes.  In a mood of elation at being allowed into the event she said “On the water I can beat disability, Yes there have been fights to get me involved at various things but when I am actually on the water i have already won against disability.

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