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I was volunteering in the basketball competition. So I was needed for any jobs that needed covering by them. Also we needed to set up the halls ready for each day after netball, as they had the layout different. However due to there being a lack of officials. I was asked to help out with the table official role which was great because I got to learn a new skill and see the games up close.


On Thursday I also offered to help the netball, they wanted to run a fun event after the matches. The group’s were all split up so that each country (Australia, Scotland, England) had a chance to make new friends. I was the leader of one group. We did little challenges and then 2 little games which were a lot of fun.


I knew one athlete there who attends Sunday Inclusion Project at Perdiswell Young Person Leisure Club. He was so happy to see me there. They did great and tried so hard but sadly lost the 3rd place match so came 4th. But was amazing to be part of his experience. Him and his team involved me and that made me feel important.


I found it an AMAZING experience. I learnt lots and I got to see it from an outsiders point of view. Seeing how supportive and positive the coaches were towards their athletes. Always giving the positive feedback. What was even more amazing was the sportsmanship of these athletes, it was beyond what I have ever seen with mainstream games/people. Everyone supported each other. That is the reason I want to be in disability sport because it’s just another level. Something most people don’t understand. I felt so involved and included in ever game and I didn’t want the week to finish. I most definitely will do it again. I am hoping to go to the Special Olympics in Abu Dhabi in 2019, so if someone can fund me, that would be great!


Katinka Ernst

DSW Coach


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