Name:Edd Terrey
Service Development Manager
Worcester Community Trust
Warndon Youth and Community Centre
Shap Drive

Tel: 01905 453453    Mob: 07713394354

You may recall me sending out some info re: a new ITV show being produced on Saturday nights.


I have spoken to their producer and basically the show is broken down into two stream;


1: Community groups/individuals/teams/families/staff teams/anyone really, can create a video where they are lip syncing to a popular song or recreating a famous music video. You can upload these onto the site and each one that is shown gets £200


2: Volunteers/long standing staff/inspirational people etc. / are nominated by a group/team/individual/charity/family member/colleague etc. These people are then given a surprise in their local community, using a flash mob model, eg. say they are part of a football club one of the spectators might start a song, then others start to join in, people are in on it but obviously not the person who is being surprised.


The producer has asked us if we would like to send some suggestions for nominations and where their surprise may take place, again for example during a football match or lunch club?


They would like me to submit a couple ideas by the middle of next week, so if you think may be of interest can you let me know with a break-down of who, what, where by Tuesday next week.


This could be a great opportunity to celebrate volunteers and also raise the profile of WCT and partners.


More info can be found at


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