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What is the project about? 
This project is aimed at individuals who are wheelchair users, able to push own chair, aged 16-45 (men) and slightly older women up to the age of 55. Essentially, I am interested in people who are keen to increase their levels of physical activity on a weekly basis but are not necessarily keen on being involved in competitive sport (although if you are then there is scope for that too).
What would I need to do? 
The commitment would be between 8 & 12 weeks and would give you a great opportunity to meet new people, exercise at a moderate intensity in a supervised environment and even get the chance to make use of some of the University’s  top class facilities specifically designed for individuals with a disability. In addition, it will be a great opportunity to get fitter for 2014!
It would involve one session per week (approx. 1 hour) at the University completing some questionnaires on week 1 and 12 and then on the other weeks simply pushing a route whilst challenging yourself, your fitness and meeting new people. There is also an optional second session per week at the McClelland Centre where you can complete a fitness programme to help give you ideas about how you can add to your activity levels. This will be generic in design and then individually tailored to suit your needs. These sessions will also be supervised, and is a great way to help build confidence in gym environment if you are a little unsure of what equipment to use and how.


Although I am emailing you now the project would not look to start until early Jan 2014 so what a great way to kick start 2014!
What next?
This email is aimed to see what the interest is like. There is scope for the programme to run on multiple occasions, be developed to continue after the 12 weeks or indeed offer the opportunity for those who take part to seek additional physical activity or sporting endeavours.
Please get in touch if you are even a little interested! 
If you or someone you know are interested in taking part or you would like to ask some more questions about the study then please get in touch via email or if you would prefer via telephone on 01905 855265 and I would be more than happy to talk to you about the details of the study.

Should you fall outside of the criteria (i.e are over the age of 45 if male or over 55 if female) or are unsure if you would be suitable to take part then please get in touch as there is scope to run a number of different groups at the same time / make adaptions where necessary.

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