Who Are We?

Disability Sport Worcestershire is a charity, was registered in 1993; charity no.1174833 . Our aims is to increase the amount of quality provision for sport and recreation within Worcestershire. We do this in a number of ways including supporting, developing and assisting partners as well as directly working with the public ourselves. We have worked with a number of external partners and our members to determine our future direction and ensure we are performing to the best of our potential.

Our Vision is:

“Inspiring disabled people of Worcestershire to be more active”

Our Mission is:

  • To encourage active participation in sport and leisure activities
  • To bring sporting opportunities to those people with a disability
  • To encourage the provision of quality sporting activities
  • To raise the profile of sport for people with a disabilities in Worcestershire
  • To improve facilities within Worcestershire
  • To provide support e.g. club/coach education
  • To create and maintain links with clubs