Amazing news/update from Dominic at Worcester Rowing Club

“Disability sport Worcester/Sport Worcester funded Blind rower Susanna Barnett with Radio equipment just over 12 months ago. Not only is the equipment going strong we have had to buy another set for another blind rower (Harrison Keasey) who has joined us.

Myself and Susannah have been really busy in the rowing world taking our Blind Person fitting in with normal mainstream rowing show all over the country for the past two years.

Susannah has become quite famous and well known in the UK rowing worldand as such has brought other disability athletes out to get involved with rowing. Also to be more proud and prominent within their own club.

The culmination of which , just a starting point really , was the inclusion of Blind rowing events atour September regatta.

Rosie, the Winning Junior blind rower from City of Bristol Rowing club asked me on the day if she could keep her competitors number. When I asked why she said “Because I want to treasure this moment forever ” , I said yes of course and it quite got to me that one brief race in someone’s life would create a life long memory.But that’s the power of sport !

Anyway to finish off. Our sports Governing Body “British Rowing” have done a piece on the Blind Rowing at the Regatta which is good for us at WRC / The sport in General / The good name of the city of Worcester etc etc.”

Good Luck to the club for the future as they develop blind and disability rowing even further!

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