Disability Sport Worcestershire is a charitable organisation (charity number 1174833). Our aim is to inspire disabled people within Worcestershire to become more active.We support local clubs within Worcestershire to provide fun, active and safe environments. We do this by delivering, supporting and working with the public ourselves. We collaborate with various external partners to ensure we are performing to the best of our ability!

Student volunteering

Disability Sport Worcestershire are always looking for volunteers!
We have volunteering opportunities within: session support coaches, administration support and much more!
Here is some feedback from a previous volunteer:
“I have enjoyed working with the inclusion club as it caters for everybody’s disability and allows them to participate in sports as a group rather than individuals. I believe that I bring enthusiasm and show willing to get involved in every project I am involved in.”

Iscah Clamp – Volunteer

Most volunteering for Disability Sport Worcestershire is by Freedom leisure, If you are interested in a volunteering experience, including placement opportunities, Please Follow the Freedom leisure website for more information or please get in touch either by phone or email details at the bottom of the page.


Activities within Worcestershire

Disability Sport Worcestershire help support and provide fun and inclusive sessions around Worcestershire!

There are many sports/ activities going on within Worcestershire such as: walking football, walking netball and boccia!

To find out more information out what clubs are going on within the area, have a look at our activity finder page for more information.

Disabiltiy Sport Worcestershire Success stories

Disability Sport Fun Day
Disability Sport Worcestershire and Active Communities Worcester formed a partnership to bring inclusion within Worcestershire. With a event like this it was hopeful and exciting to bring inclusion, fun and friendship bonds with the children and families.

The planning for this event started in January looking at themes of the day. The idea which was brought to the event was to bring inclusion, fun and a showcase of activities for a wide range of disabilities. In total fact there were 12 different types of activities such as Wheelchair Rugby, Seated Zumba, Boccia and many more!

The event was a huge success!
Over 200 people attended (73 with a registered disability) and there were 13 different types of disabilities! With some children now sustained within sports post this event which is Fantastic!

A few comments from the day:

“I had a great day, it was so much fun. I took part in as many activities as I could. I had to travel from Wolverhampton to get here as there isn’t anything else like this near me.”

Monique Mehra, Event Attendee

“Just got back from the Disability Sport Fun Day, It was fabulous. Thank you for making it happen!”

Jill Redmond, Event Attendee